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Technical SEO Audit & Implementation consultant Project Manager

Technical SEO ensures the correct configuration of the website at a server level, and also ensures that the website has well-formatted sitemaps, right database structure, and the placement of the canonicalization is right amongst other things.

While offsite SEO (link building) could steal the concern in an SEO campaign, the most powerful thing is the good technical and onsite SEO which plays a vital role in Google’s ranking algorithm. There is no chance of the false technical SEO because it requires experience and skill to discover the potential problems, and then interpret the data.
Fixing With Technical SEO Excellence

The first thing that I do is the conduction of the technical SEO audit if the client is new and he has an existing site.

There are about 250 individual points in the thorough technical SEO that range from the content to the use of robot, crawl issues and code bloat.

The URL structure of the websites and the database structure are also included in the audit. It also includes checking the backlink profile of the website for checking if there is any spam, undesirable links or overcooked anchor text. If there is an overcooked backlink profile then there will be a problem no matter the content of the site is great and the website is technically sound.

Google favors good structured websites and also the websites having good categorization.

After we conduct the audit, we then plan the improvements for the site and then make recommendations on the basis of the issues that were raised in the audit.

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