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Current SEO Campaign Audits & Appraisals

An SEO campaign in order to be good should be transparent and accountable.

I’ve come across the clients who were previously dealing with a single SEO company for many years but they didn’t see any growth actually and they were dissatisfied so they left that company. In order to check that after I’ve completed a full technical SEO audit of the site, I found out there was very little SEO work done in actual, there was a lot of spam on the backlink profile and directory links, and the onsite content duplication problems were also present there.

It gave a totally negative image of the SEO Company. After trying different clients who gave nothing but poor SEO work, I finally made my mind to take an unpopular stance and offer the service of SEO campaign audits to businesses so that they can confirm that they are getting benefit from their SEO provider.
Good SEO Campaigns

The three main flaws of SEO agencies include:

They are not doing anything at all
They’ve not performed anything valuable or anything that will contribute to organic search performance
Or have performed or have been performing all the black hat SEO techniques resulting in an algorithmic penalty or manual action

Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change – Jill Whalen

The Google made SEO harder just to benefit the end users. Some SEO companies still practice search engine optimization techniques that worked in 2010 which are now considered as doubtful.
SEO Proposal Audits

If you have not taken any ongoing campaign and are also confused about which one to choose then I would be pleased to give you an advice in choosing the right proposal for you and your business.

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