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If there is a significant drop in the ranking of your website for your selected industry keywords and your revenue has been badly affected due to the decrease in the organic search traffic then you definitely have been the victim of the website’s algorithmic devaluation or a manual Google penalty. There are different types of penalties for different search engines and there are different ways to fix them. As Google has the dominant market share in most countries so recovering from the Google penalty is the major concern all across the world. It not only affects the present sales, but also produces some negative effects on your future efforts. Even the biggest websites have suffered the Google penalty and have also recovered from it so if you are also suffering this issue, you can also recover from it.

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Explaining Google Penalty?
You must understand the Google Penguin & Panda which are the independent algorithms for removing a Google penalty. You must also realize the differences.

Introduction & Guide to Google Penalties Video
This is a short video which we made several years ago to help explain exactly what it’s all about. The core reasons why Google penalties happen & how they are removed haven’t changed since Google Penguin 4.0 despite now being part of the core Google algorithm as of September 23rd 2016.

Google Panda Algorithm
The focus of the Panda is on content to ensure the best content to users. This algorithm checks the content both onsite and offsite in citations and also checks the links that point to your website. If there are any of such issues in your website then it could be affected by Panda:

Onsite SEO problems(Technical) in duplicate pages/domains
Pages or content that are generated automatically
Content copied from other pages or websites
The pages only written for SEO rather than users

Google Penguin Algorithm
Penguin filters and devalues low quality links which affect rankings by giving Page Rank. If there are many manipulating links to a website then the second part of Penguin is produced which drops down the rankings for some particular keywords or phrases that have had contributed in the manipulation. There is no way to recover from algorithmic Penguin issue other than removing these links, or disavowing them with the help of the Google Disavow Tool.

(This is often referred to as a ‘Penguin Penalty’, which strictly speaking it isn’t)

Manual Google Penalties
Different Google Penalties arise due to different activities. If a manual action has been taken then the action must be taken for the rectification of the issue. In case of any necessary work, make a reconsideration request*and revoke the manual action.

*A manual action can be removed without reconsideration, because by carrying out the correct work, they can expire.

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