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The time has changed when planning a strategy for the SEO for the year and then utilizing it for setting up KPIs and goals and then considering it again after the year was possible. It is an outdated myopic view but unfortunately many SEO companies dealing in package deals and token systems still practice it.

SEO is an agile procedure, because usually any two websites are not the same having exactly the same needs and requirements. An agile SEO consultancy is an updated SEO which is not only a practice but it is an approach.

It does not mean going on with the latest algorithm changes. Actually there is no problem for the ethical SEOs when there is a Penguin update or in case of the quality update – only there is a problem when black hat SEOs are practiced.

An actually agile SEO strategy concentrates on the end user. Algorithms will keep on changing, and this is the reason it is not possible to make a reliable and long-term strategy.

A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely fool proof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools – Paola Antonelli

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Being an SEO expert in Pakistan, I firmly believe that good, quality SEO has no existence, but works behind the website, making usual repetitious changes for its improvement. This is the reason many SEO companies speak a lot for themselves but finally they end up in the quality of work.

I have developed many comprehensive SEO strategies by working with brands and achieved long-standing outcomes for them.

I am a confident SEO consultant and if you are interested in more information or want to discuss your website and how you plan to move forward, don’t forget to contact me.

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