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Most Common SEO Mistakes Blogs Make

If your content is great, but the ranking is not good then there must be some mistakes that content marketers and bloggers have made.

Over the last two decades, the scenario of the digital marketing has changed a lot. The Google algorithm changes very rapidly and the lack of accurate information in the world of digital market result in overlooking some of the basics that must be followed in the SEO and content marketing strategies.

With the updated algorithm and technological change in search, we become familiar with the field of SEO that will move in an entirely new pattern and we focused on revealing it. It is believed that the basic principles will remain the same no matter how much the medium changes- and it is the time to focus on the basics.

We know everything about the practices of SEO but many times we are unable to follow these tactics. There are some common blogging mistakes that are very commonly made. Let’s discuss them

Unoptimized Keyword Structure

There is a rise in the semantic search and machine learning technology but still, the keyword research is of much importance when the internal content marketing campaign is to be remodeled. There should be linking to the on-site content to the business goal by topics and keywords.

If the content simply covers topics but not the keywords, there will be no way to understand the demands of the users. You cannot know about your audience without the keyword research. The keyword research can tell who you are writing for?

Keywords act as the channel between user intent and informational content. The content that is keyword-optimized will help in the organic high ranking of the individual web pages and also help in driving impressions for targeted searches. It will make the blog content a lead maker in an effective way.

The informational long-tail keyword phrases should be focused on on-site blogs, for example, the question phrases that start with how, why, when, what, and where.

Actionable phrases are other keyword ideas, for example, the “tips”, “top” and “hacks”.

The bloggers sometimes don’t optimize the headers, meta tags and content with targeted key phrases. But you should note that some particular keyword phrases that appear to be bold within the SERP listing meta description, are to raise click-through rate.

Many bloggers don’t leverage semantic SEO or the keyword phrases that are similar and have the similar meaning. For semantic SEO the bloggers have to create more in-depth and readable content to initiate impressions for several keyword phrases, respond to more user queries and accept the content to be a featured snippet.

But if the content is over-optimized, it would also be dangerous. Your content will be taken as spam if there is keyword stuffing or there is a high keyword density.

In order to follow SEO best practices, optimizing all relevant elements of the site elements is important for example optimizing URLs and meta tags, with targeted keywords for ranking individual web pages. Not only the signaling to search engines is important but also the main focus of the on-site content and keywords are considered as an important function for the architecture of the site.

Unpredictable Internal Links

It is usually neglected to link internally and the problems with internal links usually arise on the websites of the SEO agencies.

Some functions of proper SEO internal linking include

  • Establishment of the paths for users for website navigation.
  • Increasing crawl rate by opening crawling to deep linked pages.
  • Defining the architecture of the site and also the key pages to search engines.
  • Distributing “link juice,” or authority, within the site.
  • Indexing linked-to web pages with the help of the keywords present in the hyperlink anchor text.

The backlinks are the basic things of search engine ranking factors; their effects can be improved with the help of strategic internal linking.

There should be at least three to five internal links in each blog post, and the homepage should have a drop-down or navigation menu so that the inaccessible web pages can be provided deep links. Posting any content to your blog doesn’t mean the search engine like Google can access it automatically.

Conducting a comprehensive internal link audit and recording the pages having the most authority is important. For even distribution of the authority throughout the domain, introducing internal links on these web pages to other important internal pages is recommended.

On many websites, the featured posts are displayed in a drop-down menu. These posts are displayed on the home page so that the authority is distributed to their blog posts. The home page of the blogger will be the most authoritative page. If the number of links between each blog post is set limited, then the home page will distribute link juice evenly throughout the domain.

A sitemap is very important because it ensures the proper crawling and indexing of all the web pages.

At the end optimize all anchor text for categorizing and driving impressions for linked web pages. For each link, there should be varying anchor text phrases so that the web pages can be ranked for multiple search queries.

Poor Page Copy

In digital market, it is important that the content should be written for the readers instead of the search engines. The content should be light and there should not be any information with excessive jargon.

Usually, on-site content is not created only for the purpose of publishing, but for creating awareness. The information must contain actionable tips to provide value.

Content marketing is a branding practice like a marketing approach. Consistent content creation helps in building the brand’s ethos.

 Don’t Compromise On Authority With Poor Body Copy.

Optimizing the header structure and meta tags are important for easy examination and defining a clear purpose. There must be clear transition phrases in the paragraphs and there is also a need to use animated GIFs and videos so that the users don’t feel bored in reading long paragraphs.

Unoptimized images and videos

Unoptimized images and videos are the major mistakes that destroy SEO performance. The on-site images should be .jpg, and vector images should be.png.

In video optimization, all the videos should be hosted in a single folder and a video sitemap should be created so that the search engines can index the videos. The meta description of all video pages should be optimized with targeted keywords for indexing.

Poor Content Promotion

It is the greatest mistake. Without a content strategy, the content is useless no matter how valuable content it is.

Follow these strategies for content promotion

  1. The influential members of your organization should share and promote the content.
  2. Share the content over social media
  3. Use content into a video or infographic.
  4. Replace related broken links with your content on authoritative sites.

The most viral content include

  • “How-to” tutorials
  • Why articles
  • videos
  • Infographics
  • Listicles


SEO companies and content marketers usually inform the clients about technical and onsite errors but they should analyze their campaign if they want long-term success.

You may find out that your SEO content strategy is not perfect so you have an opportunity to refine and improve it.