Google Is Restricting Search Ads On Addiction Treatment Related Queries :

Google Is Restricting Search Ads On Addiction Treatment Related Queries

Google has restricted ads on search results pages for the queries that are related to drug and alcohol treatment center.

According to the verge, treatment centers that Advanced Recovery Systems controls have experienced that the ads were withdrawn from about 40 percent of queries that were being targeted.

When the keywords like drug rehabilitation, treatment or drug detox are used to make search queries, the results that are displayed are without ads. The place where text ads have once appeared, organic local listings may appear at the upper location of the search results page.


There are many queries like painkiller detox, addiction help, and addictions where the ads are still displayed. But that is expected to change as soon as the update rolls out.

The authentic treatment centers are left in a kind of limbo with capacity for visibility and as the rollout continues further, traffic coming from Google search ads is said to be restricted. The change affects the ads only. Organic results do not change, but they appear higher on the page after the ads are disabled.

Reasons Of The Change

As the opioid addiction crisis in the US is getting worse, the treatment programs are also demanded at an increased rate. The regulation and treatment standards are in deficit so the huge demand and new insurance mandates make an environment ripe for abuse.

According to a Google spokesperson, they observed many confusing practices within rehabilitation treatment centers that caused them to make their decision, while discussing with experts, for limiting ads in this category. They always review our policies constantly for giving security to our users and also offer the customers the good experiences.

Google has been checking a group that is facing addiction, a non-profit source to find treatment. Over the past few months, they have been discussing with people.  Jim Hood said that this is an extremely complex discussion with several moving parts.

A detailed analysis was undertaken for facing addiction for the payment of money that the treatment sources and lead generating companies will provide for advertising the services in Google search results.

The Google has changed the way of handling ads for any particular service several times. In case of fraudulent locksmith ads, Google brought about a verification process and launched Home Services Ads which is a new ad product for locksmiths. In July 2016, Google banned payday and high-interest loan advertisers. In 2011, the Google was fined by the Department of Justice for a $500 million for allowing Canadian pharmacies for pointing out US consumers with search ads for a time before such advertisements were banned.

Gradual Rollout

In case of the pharmacy and payday loans, the ads can appear on some queries, Google is now disabling ads on some addiction treatment-related queries completely.

The goal is to confirm that people using Google to seek help only see reliable ads resources. It will take some time to happen. Advertisers will face a fluctuation in ad impressions and no ads will be seen on these queries and an alternative solution will be found out.