Google Garage Leeds - :

What is Google Garage?
Good question, it seems that Google search doesn’t know yet, as is currently struggling to understand what the user intent is behind the query.

When searching for ‘Google garage Leeds’. Notice the local car garages in Leeds are promoted (see below) I wonder how long will it take for Google search to understand that people are searching for a different entity?
Anyway this is just a little experiment, to see how long Google takes to learn that people aren’t just adding ‘Google’ to a search for a garage in Leeds.

And on that note just a reminder, if you type ‘Google’ into Google you will break the internet!

Google Garage coming to Leeds is a great thing for the city
Although many businesses probably aren’t aware, Leeds is a bit of a digital hub these days. There are scores of agencies and independent contractors across the city, already delivering some great services to businesses of all sizes. There are, however, many smaller businesses that will really get value from this new venture, who maybe aren’t quite at the point to engage with marketing professionals. Hopefully after a bit of help, they will be.

We’re all excited to see Google choose Leeds as the flagship city to launch Google Garage.

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