Florida 2 Google Update: March 2019 Core Algorithm Update :

Florida 2 Google Update: March 2019 Core Algorithm Update

Florida 2 is considered as one the important core update that bring changes without targeting any particular subject. It increases user satisfaction by providing results.

Danny Sullivan confirmed that Google is updating its Algorithm and this update is the core update that brings the best results. Brett Tabke already aware of this update as the notice is issued form the Google about this major update and name was decided before imminent. They call it as Florida 2 update. This update will bring core change in the algorithm and label it as one the most important update.


What exactly is this Update?

It is notified that this update plays an important role to enhance the performance and comparing with the past updates this update is the biggest one. In the past, when a Google update happens it usually means how websites can be ranked and increase performance in the search engine. Last year’s an update was made, and Google called it as Neural Matching. Past updates such as Neural Matching that simply improve the search results so that the appropriate page appeared to handle any search query.

From the information I received, it is assumed that an incredible updating process is made on the scale and it is reasonable to judge that incredible change can be expected with the best performance.


What’s the main Goal of the core Algorithm update?

From the core algorithm update it is associated that Google is not targeting any specific field or particular aspect like quality. Any particular subject is not targeted by them.

As it is assumed by SEO companies that Google usually target a particular subject to bring the change or maybe some specific industry. John Mueller constantly denied that this core algorithm update is not targeting any specific niche.

Any specific website, qualities or niches is not targeted by this core update. This is the reason Google calls this update as the Board Core Update. As there is nothing to fix or targeting any particular subject.

The best way to understand this update is that Google is facilitating the low niches or page qualities and mark them to grow, then pay attention to all the related factors.

How to connect with this Core Algorithm Update?

It is analyzed that after this update many of the websites are affected. An issue discovered by me is that how search query is interpreted by Google and this can affect the page ranking as well. There are different factors that affect the page ranking and the main thing it involves is links. For ranking factors links plays an important role in any niche of the website.

What is the Core Algorithm Update?

Core Algorithm Update helps to improve the search quires and produce efficient results. It is not related to any particular sector or targets any niche, but it helps to improve the webpages along with search queries. It increases user satisfaction where the search quires are matched and provide the appropriate webpages with accuracy.

Why call this Update as Florida 2?

In early 2000s Google’s Florida Update is considered as one of the most important updates. This algorithm is named so because this algorithm changes the accorded with the Pubcon Florida SEO conference. This update is also accorded with the 2019 Pubcon Florida conference. So, the name is decided by the Brett Tabke fonder of Webmaster World and Pubcon. He called this update as Florida 2 Google Update. It is now officially called as the 2019 March Core Algorithm Update.


Is there nothing to Fix?

Sullivan stated a statement, and this was made in his tweet, he stated that,
“There’s no ‘fix’ for pages that may perform less well other than to remain focused on building great content. Over time, it may be that your content may rise relative to other pages.”

In my opinion, he conveyed that providing the relevant content can increase the appearance of website in the search engine and with accuracy appropriate web page is appeared. Sometimes, it is very challenging to identify why webpages are not able to rank but a clue is always there to make an analysis in a webpage.