Bing Has Started Officially Supporting Fact Check Label with Claim review Markup :

Bing Has Started Officially Supporting Fact Check Label with Claim review Markup

Bing has finally started supporting for the “Fact Check” label officially in search. Powered by the Claim Review schema markup, it is displayed in the search results of Bing. Claim Review markup feature will add a Fact Check” label which is a new UX element which helps users in finding fact checking information on popular stories, news, and webpages within the search results page of the  Bing search engine (SERP). This label is expected to support many categories like news, politics, science, and health. The readers can now enjoy accessing a wide range of content types.

With the help of fact check information the users can verify the reliability of the published information. This label can be added to any webpage that included Claim Review markup. In October, 2016, Google started this feature when there were the fact issues and the fake news during the election process. Now Bing also has followed Google to fight against fake news.  Some months before, it was reported that Bing would add this to their webmaster documentation, but no label was displayed on the search results until September, 14.  Bing also works with some fact-checking organizations like Snopes, Political Fact, and some more to ensure the fact checking information.  Now if you search for something, there may be a line reading “Fact checked by Snopes” after a False / True statement.

According to Bing, you have to consider the following points when adding this schema to your page.

  • The analysis about the sources and methods should be transparent and it must include citations and references to basic sources.
  • It should easily identify the claims and claim checks within the body of fact-checked content. It should be easy for the readers to determine and understand everything that was checked and the conclusions that were made.
  • The page that hosts the Claim Review markup should have a fact check brief summary and also the evaluation, if there is no detailed text.

A year has been passed when Google added this feature.

Bing looks for Claim Review markup and also checks the sites that are following official criteria for fact checks and also involves third-party fact checking establishments.
The Fact Check label might not be showed for all pages having the Claim Review schema markup. If some sites are found that they are not following the criteria for the Claim Review markup, the markup will be ignored. In order to determine when to show the tag, the site reputation along with the other factors will be considered. Using the Claim Review tag in the absence of the proper fact checking is deemed as a violation of the webmaster guidelines and for this abuse, Bing may take any action or penalize the sites.

The web developers should therefore understand that these important guidelines must be followed very strictly while adding the schema to their page.

It is really very hard to check the authenticity of a story on the web as there is a lot of information available over the internet. Fact check label should be followed by other search engines too.