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About Arslan Rauf

My relationship with computers can be traced back to my school time when I used to use a shared computer to play a game named as Granny’s Garden on a BBC Micro.

It was such a delight to use a computer and there was no computer in my primary school, so we used to go to the big school which was present at some distance to use the computer. My interest with computers kept on increasing and I got admission in a BSc.I found out how most people do SEO the in the industry. I proceeded from just developing websites and then using different methods to generate relevant traffic for making the sales & revenue.
I spent many years in concentrating over the performance optimization, and now I have understood it well all what is required in achieving the results from a website.Recently I have been too lucky to work on many interesting international brands’ projects as well as projects on small start-ups. All projects are equals for me and I apply the same logic & expert knowledge.
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